Evaporative Condensers / Cooling Towers

Heng An is a high-tech enterprise, integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, marketing and engineering services of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.
The company’s main products include Evaporative Condensers and Cooling Towers.

Evaporative Consensers

Relative to the traditional way of condensing, the evaporative condenser has the following advantages:

  • energy conservation–compared with an air cooling condenser, evaporative condenser condensation temperature is low
  • compact structure saves investment cost
  • environmental friendly

Cooling Towers

Features include..

  • Space saving, light-duty structures.  Using specially designed infill which ensures high efficient heat transfer, the heat transfer area is increased significantly, resulting in a smaller installing area and due to the optimization design of the steel structure, the operating weight is reduced accordingly
  • Energy saving, low noise.  Adopting small ventilation resistance packing and specially designed FRP/aluminum alloy high efficiency fans, greatly reduced the motor power.  Special designed low noise FRP/aluminum alloy material axial flow fan to reduce the running noise of the cooling tower
  • Corrosion resistance cooling tower casing, tank and panels are made up of high corrosion resistance performance FRP material, and galvanized steel structure
  • Convenient combinations and easy maintenance