Miscellaneous Products


Coalescer Oil Separator Elements

Process Refrigeration supply specifically designed coalescers for the refrigeration industry which use ammonia and other refrigerants.


Hot oil mist in the discharge gas from the compressors is difficult to filter out from the refrigerant discharge gas/oil mixture. Traditional becoil oil separators are limited in their ability to separate out the oil mist and also do not accommodate varying flow rates through the vessels. Coalescer elements are considerably more effective in separating out the oil mist and their operation is not greatly affected by reductions in gas flow when compressors unload or reduce speed.


Coalescer oil separator vessels can be supplied to suit most applications and some existing vessels are able to be modified to accommodate the addition of a coalescer chamber.


Oil Filters

Oil filters have been designed to offer protection to the compressors and therefore extend their life.


These oil filters supplied by Process Refrigeration have been manufactured to standard filter dimensions used in the industry. These elements are high quality filters that contain cross-linked resin media that is oven cured to give high strength and high dirt loading capacity, ensuring long life and the best protection against fouling.


Low Temperature Carbon Steel Weld Fittings

Process Refrigeration sources and stocks supplies of ASTM A420 WPL6 carbon steel weld fittings suitable for ammonia refrigeration systems and also for many other applications.


We have fittings in stock in Christchurch up to 300 N.B. size.